Strategic Alliances and M&A

Wind Infinity partners with our Energy clients to address the most critical factors of a positioning or repositioning strategy. 

Strategic Alliances

Long-term value creation in the new Green Industry. How can one cater for all changing demands of Wind Energy, Solar and Hydrogen? Different markets, legislation, consumer preferences vary dramatically, and typical cross border deals are most of the time not happening as the local Purchase Power Agreements / local clients although provide long term contracts and solid returns also quite often provide local constrains to international players.
We can support you in this journey. It is all about shaping the strategic rationale for the partnership and find the right partners. We also help you determine the desired outcome, measure progress, and adjust course, as needed, to align strategy, value, and goals for all partners and key stakeholders.


Structuring a partnership is as much about the legal document that will shape the long-term relationship as it is about mutual understanding of contributions, operating approach, boundaries, and key criteria for managing the relationship. We help clients establish governance models that guide ventures toward their desired outcomes.

Operating Model

Making partnerships operational can be the most demanding stage of these transactions, requiring a single culture, joint road map, and shared management of talent, assets, and processes. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Some companies treat M&A as a strategy. That’s not our view. Instead, we believe M&A is an important enabler of strategy and long-term value. We work closely with Energy clients to create a clear M&A blueprint that accelerates their progress toward strategic goals.

Broad Perspective on M&A 

We help clients determine which sectors and functions offer the most potential, based on deep understanding of industry value chains and the underlying economics. We also help assess capabilities to execute a given transaction, determine what investors are willing to support, and identify sources of advantage relative to competitive offerings in the green arena.
Long-Term Objective View
Our insights and fact-based view help clients determine how well M&A programs enable strategies, support growth, and provide value to shareholders towards green energy demands and net zero carbon strategies.
Unrivalled Specificity 
Successful M&A programs require precision to find the best targets at the best valuation. Our Green M&A blueprints reflect clients’ unique competitive advantages and take market and regulatory trends into account.
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