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We are a Swiss-German company with more than 100 years combined management experience in the renewables market. We have multi-disciplinary team with a deep pool of talent, knowledge and skillsets in different parts of the world and we truly believe we can make a positive impact in the world whilst still being a profitable company.
Switzerland has long been a world leader in innovation and technology. Ranked as the most innovative country in the world by the Global Innovation Index in 2020 the country remains at the forefront of science and technological research. Switzerland has always been quick to utilize new technologies to create robust innovation across a range of industries, from the financial services to healthcare, life sciences, artificial intelligence and now Green Energy.
We started our journey with our focus on wind energy which is why we are named Wind Infinity. But we rapidly expanded into Solar energy as demand for renewables grew. We are currently increasingly involved in projects that combine Solar and Wind Energy sources and lately, have also been involved with Green Hydrogen Projects which must be powered by zero carbon electricity (wind and solar power).


Energy Solutions:

We support our partners / clients to develop, own and operate low carbon infrastructure to support the zero-carbon transition. This includes onshore and offshore wind and solar plants, electricity transmission and distribution grids alongside providing energy products and services for businesses. We have operations across Switzerland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea and Japan.


Our Services:

Our twin focus of profitability and innovation is a strategy that has seen us through the recent difficult times of pandemic and global economic downturn.

Wind Infinity is a leading renewables energy service provider based in Switzerland. We pride ourselves in supporting our clients and customers with varying requirements during the different stages of their project lifecycle and working on major renewable projects that make a difference. We support our global network of owners, developers and operators and service providers as well as lenders and investors, through industry leading services to renewable energy projects.

Because we are Wind Infinity, and we are here for a better world of green energy – for everyone.
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To provide green energy needed today while building a better world of energy for tomorrow and making the world a better place for the generations to come.

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